Westlands Butchers Limited established 2024

Artisan Butchers and Hand Crafted Baked Goods

Westlands Butchers Limited established 2024

Artisan Butchers and Hand Crafted Baked Goods

Westlands Butchers Limited established 2024

Artisan Butchers and Hand Crafted Baked Goods

Westlands Butchers Ltd Established 2024

Being a customer of Westlands Butchers, you can be guaranteed of a high level of customer service both inside the shop or if you see one of our members of the team out and about. We also provide the best quality we can produce and source at competitive prices for our standard.

Our drive is to sell the best meat and meat products we can to keep our customers coming back for more. This is why we chose the suppliers and breeds we do to guarantee that consistency when we sell over the counter. You can read more about our meat standard selections through the categories on our shop sections.

Why Choose us

Our Reputation

Built upon staff with passion, respect and raport with our suppliers for consistency.

Our Knowledge

A team with over 50 years experience within the food industry.

On hand to help

You can call our visit our shop for advice. Ask our team anything and we will try to help.

unrivalled quality

Good meat is what we know and thats all we sell. Local meat is at the heart of what we do.

Wide selection

In addition to our bakery items, we also stock a range of cakes, biscuits, cheeses, and jarred accompaniments.

Featured Products

High quality meats

Our meats are sourced from trusted farms and suppliers who prioritise eithical and sustainable ways of rearing. Our selections include a wide range of steak cuts and roasts in addition to full carcasses which we can get every cut you would like. Whatever you need for a special occasion, we have you covered.

Gourmet Cheeses

The cheese we select are picked for their variety in flavours and textures to give a good selection to a cheeseboard or for any cooking requirements. These range from a soft crumbly blue cheese, to vintage mature cheddars and to soft cheese which can dip at room temperature. Our staff can give guidance on which cheeses would serve for the best purpose.

Traditional customer service

At our shop, customer service is as important as our product quality. All our staff are eager to assist in helping you make the best informed choice when picking a product for a recipe or event. We are all passionate about food and cooking so we can give handy tips along with also recipes to inspire you into trying new ideas.

Private Butchery

Are you a farmer, or a game stalker?
We have available our tailored butchery service to make the most out of your animals.

Bulk orders

Fancy filling the freezer? We can supply large scale orders packed and labelled for your freezer so everything is easily identified when it has been in there for a while.


Planning a gathering, event, or party? We can supply large portions of items for big requirement if needed, or depending on our capacity, we also provide external catering services.

Retail wholesale

Own a cafe or restaurant? We welcome contact about supplying our standard of products to local eateries, and will provide the same level of quality to external businesses as inside our own.

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